Business woman assisting businessman

As a NASCAR driver there are many different aspects of the job that you must balance during the course of a race weekend and season.

When we started working together I was in 23rd in the standings. By the end of the season I finished in 5th place, which is like getting a bronze medal in the Olympics. My success last season got me promoted to the next level for this season. That is a major accomplishment. Without Patrick's help in refocusing on the right goals and understanding the new culture I was in I would not have improved my performance as much as I did.

—Professional Race Car Driver

Leadership Coaching

Need a trusted advisor your leaders will follow? What might happen if you don't have the right leader ready on time?

Business and executive leadership coaching is defined as:

Engaging in focused conversations with organizational leaders about challenges they are encountering both personally and organizationally.

The purpose of business and executive coaching is to support business leaders in improving performance and in developing the skills necessary for increased success.

The process typically involves data gathering from interviews or assessments, goal setting and measurement, aligning individual goals with organizational goals and regular conversations that build on how to best use the individual's strengths. The intention is to make improvement through deliberate practice.

Our unique approach is based on:

Experience and Savvy

We have been supporting our clients self-development in a variety of environments for more than 25 years.

Grounded and Balanced Perspective

We bring our clients an integration of the best in up-to-date leadership theory with a clear sense of what actually works in the real business world.

Connected Relationships

We form relationships with our clients that support them in the kind of personal learning and development that leads to sustainable results. We listen to clients in a way that helps them listen to themselves and to others.

Results Focused

From tactical problem solving to transformational growth, our focus is on supporting our clients in achieving results. We believe that coaching is the best method available for helping clients build their own ongoing capacity to close the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

We actively support our clients along their path by holding the leader accountable, providing compelling feedback and acknowledging and supporting existing strengths.