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I've worked with Patrick at two different companies now and I always find his counsel to be insightful and helpful. He is easy to work with and I know if he takes on an assignment with our executives, he will always deliver a high quality result. I've given him a number of difficult leaders to work with and in every case he has helped the individual get back on track to the satisfaction of all involved and more importantly to the improved performance of that leader and his/her team.

— VP, HR

Coaching Abrasive Leaders

Many of today's leaders exhibit overly aggressive behaviors that hamper their effectiveness and cripple their teams. Can you afford that?

The costs of abrasive leaders are many: decreased productivity, lack of commitment and loss of key people who feel they have no recourse but to leave the organization.

Not addressing this problem creates chronic conflict and leaves lasting wounds. Abrasive leaders often present a great challenge to most coaches who describe them as "uncoachable."

We use compelling feedback that assists abrasive leaders in recognizing their impact on others, helps them develop “social sonar” and facilitates the personal insight that motivates them to change and take new actions.

This type of coaching work is fundamentally different from executive leadership coaching. Many abrasive leaders think of themselves as tough while others perceive them as mean. The focus of this work is on changing the conduct of the abrasive leader as well addressing these perceptual differences.