About Us

Patrick Reilly is President of Resources In Action, Inc., a firm specializing in executive coaching and consulting. He has worked extensively with leaders in the health care, financial services, technology, and utility sectors for more than 25 years, internationally and in the US. His passion is getting leaders into action for success and satisfaction.

Why Us?

We have extensive experience in accelerating executive development and employee engagement. Clients turn to us for our wisdom, business savvy, and success rate. They also seek our services because we provide customized solutions based on their specific challenges and business requirements.

We have discovered that improving performance in a young NASCAR driver is similar to improving performance in a senior executive. The core principles that drive our work include:

  1. Goal clarity is essential for success
  2. Right strategy and cultural awareness are critical to goal achievement
  3. Goal achievement is essential for building the motivation and commitment to tackle the next higher level goal


Patrick has a BA in Psychology from Tufts University and an MA in Organizational Development from the JFK School of Management. He is a Certified Master Business Coach through Leadership University and is certified in the Lore Methodology. He previously served on the Board of the Professional Coaches and Mentors Organization as Vice President of Outreach. He currently is the marketing leader for Alexcel, a group of senior executive coaches: www.thealexcelgroup.com.

Patrick Reilly, President of Resources In Action, Inc.